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The school's special educational needs co-ordinator (SENCO) is Mrs Percival.

This page offers information about Special Educational Needs provision.

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Using the expertise and resources available to us we seek to provide for all those children whose parents wish them to become part of our school community.


If the child transfers from a local school or nursery with a known Special Educational Need we like to liaise with those staff that have already been involved with the child. This enables us to ensure that the child’s integration into our school is well managed and a positive experience for the child, parents and staff.

Meeting Children’s Needs.

In school we operate a graduated response to teaching children and meeting the needs of children with special educational needs. 

The majority of childrens’ needs will be met in class through careful planning and differentiation of work by the class teacher as well as use of good teaching assistants.  This will meet the needs of some of the children with SEN, If it is felt that children need additional support their needs will be met by intervention support from a teacher or teaching assistant to give the child specific support in a small group or one to one.

These interventions if required are available to all children in school who need to access them, therefore the children accessing these interventions are not required to be on our school SEN register.

Children who have additional support through specialised teaching programs, delivered by school staff or from other agencies working with the child are accessing  interventions that are additional to or different from those provided as part of the school’s usual  curriculum.  Therefore these children will be on our SEN Register as SEN Support. 

In our school, we have a team of specialist teaching assistants who support children at SEN support withdrawing them for special teaching sessions.

School continually monitors the attainment and progress of all pupils through our assessment and monitoring cycle and through our pupil progress meetings held by the Deputy Head and SENCo.  Therefore we ensure that any children falling behind are picked up and supported as soon as possible.  The school operates a system of:   ASSESS – PLAN – DO – REVIEW

This is continually in process for all children working out what is working for them and what we need to change to meet their needs.

If needed school will refer children to outside agencies to get additional advice and support for the child some of the services we have involvement from are: educational psychologists, CAMHS (Child and adolescent mental health services), RANS (Rochdale Additional Needs Service), Speech and language therapy, hearing impairment services.

If a child is in need of more support than the school is able to offer from within its own resources, application for additional support to meet the child’s needs will be made to the L.A. If a child receives extra support in this way the L.A. will provide an “Education and Health Care Plan”. If it is agreed that the child needs substantial assistance, (more than fifteen hours support from  learning Support Assistant) then the school would need to apply for “top up” funding.


The opportunity is given to any parent at any point to come into school to discuss their child’s needs this may be before they start school or throughout their school career if they have concerns.  Parents/ carers are welcome to speak to the class teacher or SENCo about any concerns that they may have.  These will be acted upon, school will:

  • Look into any concerns put forward about a child (by staff, parents or carers)
  • monitor the work of the child, observe them, and talk to them.
  • then put in the support that they need.
  • Write an individual plan to ensure that the child’s needs are being met. This plan will be shared with the child and parents who will be able to comment on it.
  • closely monitor – if it works we will continue. If not we will change the intervention and review again.
  • Assess if after a period of time we need further advice other agencies will be contacted.


Children with Medical Needs

It is not school policy for medication to be administered by staff during the school day, although parents may come into school to give their child medication.

We recognise and make an exception for those children who have a long term medical need. If a child has medical needs that necessitates the administration of medicine during the school day, an individual health care plan is drawn up with the support of the school nurse. An appointment with the school SENCO, Mrs Percival should be made to do this.


Children with a Disability

Diversity is one of the strengths of our school, we aim to develop a culture of diversity in which all feel free to disclose their disability and to participate fully in school life. We are committed to ensuring equality of education for disabled pupils, opportunities for staff and access for all those receiving services from the school.

Our school has the benefit of a lift to the second floor and a small lift allowing access in to the hall. These are operated by a key. We have accessible toilets on both levels one with a changing bed. Several staff are trained in the use of the evacuation chair. We will make reasonable adjustments to make sure that the school is as accessible as possible.

In order to support staff in meeting the needs of our disabled pupils we work in close partnership with other agencies. Training is provided for our staff in response to the recommendations of the specialist services.

 The achievement of disabled pupils is monitored and we use this data to raise standards and ensure inclusive teaching.

In addition we monitor the take up of extra curricular activities by disabled pupils.



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