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Charity of the year with the Co-op achieved by our Young Leaders.Our senior band took first place at Rochdale Music Festival 2019.Our Musical Theatre group won at Rochdale Music Festival 2017, 2018 and have just won again. Our girls took 1st, 3rd and 4th place in cross country and our boys were awarded 2nd place.Ofsted 2019 Littleborough Primary School continues to be a good school "Pupils are a credit to the school"

Year 5



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Welcome to Year 5

Year 5 consists of two classes. The classes are taught by Miss Pursglove (5JP) and Miss Butterworth (5KB). Pupils in Year 5 benefit from the support of Miss Greaves who assists individuals or small groups of children throughout the day. 

In Year 5, we strive to develop the children’s academic ability to its full potential through a broad and balanced curriculum, preparing the children for Year 6. Throughout the year there is an emphasis on children gaining independence and having a positive attitude towards their work and peers.