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Battle of the Books

This year, and every year, we would like every child to find an author that they love. It is the key to enjoying reading, which is our goal for our pupils to achieve. Therefore, we have re-launched an exciting and ‘revamped’ challenge to the children called ‘Battle of the Books’ which is accessible to children in Reception up to Year 6.

We challenge each child, in Reception and Key Stage 1, to read 12 books meeting 12 different criteria, and children in Key Stage 2 to read 8 books meeting their criteria.  The criteria have been carefully designed to re-ignite your child’s love for reading as well as opening minds to a variety of authors. If a child is experiencing a variety of authors, they are able to see: how different stories are structured; how characters are developed and how different settings can be described. As a result, this will have a positive impact on their own writing skills and style. 

Why are we so passionate about reading? When children read widely and often, they attain better and can access what school has to offer.


In the words of the brilliant author - J.K. Rowling

                                 'I do believe something very magical can happen when you read a good book'


The Rule:

  • All children can enter the Battle of the Books from Reception – Year 6. These books are to be read alongside your child's usual reading book.
  • Reception and Key Stage 1 children need to read 12 additional books, at their level, write a short review or create a poster for display. Key Stage 2 need to read 8 books and write reviews or create a poster for each by 3rd July 2023.
  • Some of the books will be found in school and others will need to be borrowed from local libraries or from each other.
  • As your child reads each book, an adult at home will need to sign the competition sheet to say they have completed the book. Then complete  a short review – handing it to their teacher for display. The class teacher will then sign the competition form and your child will move their name on the Battle of the Books competition board in class.
  • The first person in each class to complete the challenge (with detailed book reviews) will get the chance to make an exciting video review of their favourite book for their class web page (permission will need to be provided for this), choose a book, a hot chocolate and receive their badge from the Battle of the Books vending machine.
  • Your child can read as many books as they want. 
  • All children will receive a badge and a prize from the vending machine once they have completed the challenge. 
  • The book lists provided show quality texts which they can choose from but they can choose any age-appropriate book that meets the set criteria.



Competition sheets

Reception competition sheet

Key Stage 1 competition sheet

Key Stage 2 competition sheet


Reading Lists


Reception criteria suggestions

Year 1

Year 2

KS1 book suggestions

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

Year 6

Key Stage 2 criteria suggestions


Book Reviews


Key Stage 1

Lower Key Stage 2

Upper Key Stage 2


Battle of the Books winners - 2023

Class 2RH

Class 4DT

Class 5KH