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Safer Internet Day

The school has an E-Safety policy and scheme of work and throughout the year the children are taught about the issues surrounding using technology, such as mobile phones, computers and game consoles. Such issues include cyberbullying and safe searching.

We are celebrating Safer Internet day on 21st February. This year's theme is Free to be me.

Below is an outline of the activities the children were involved in:-

Foundation stage - The children explored the key safety messages relating to E-Safety, especially the importance of asking an adult before they use the internet.

Year 1 -The children explored what E-Safety means and learnt the SMART rules.

Year 2 - The children looked at the importance of taking care when sharing photos online and the need to ask permission before sharing.

Year 3 -The children learnt what identity means in an online and offline context. They now know that someone's identity online can be copied, changed or altered. They developed their ability to recognise when they need to ask for help with something offline or online and how to ask for help. 

Year 4 - The children in Year 4  explored what is good about the internet and produced a digital footprint. They continued to learn about the dangers of using the internet and how we stay safe.

Year 5 -The children described aspects of their own online identity. They explored what it means to express their identify freely online and issues that may make them feel worried or uncomfortable. They continued to develop their understanding of the need to ask for help.

Year 6 -   The children looked at safe and unsafe profiles.


Year 1 work

 Year 2 work

 Year 3 work                                



 Year 4 work

Year 5 work

 Year 6 work