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Littleborough Community Primary School and Nursery

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School Council

Welcome to The School Council

The School Council has two members from each class from Year 1 to Year 6 and meets every month to discuss matters that have arisen which are important to the children. These meetings are led by the Chair and Secretary. Our school council has achieved GOLD school council status.

We have been involved in a range of projects, including raising money for the following charities: Breast Cancer Support, The Honey Bee Charity and Springhill Hospice. We are delighted to say the school and its community has overwhelmed us with their generosity. Collectively, we have raised approximately £1500 for the three charities. Thank you so much for your continued support. We have also been involved in updating our Anti-Bullying and Healthy Eating Policies.


Healthy Tuck Shop

The school council runs a Healthy Tuck Shop every morning playtime, which is in line with our healthy school status. Every week, the Treasurers count the takings and adds this to the finance book. So far the money raised by tuck shop has paid for the inspirational quotes and some fantastic art work in Key Stage One, created by an ex-pupil.

This year, part of our money will be given to the Reading Resources group who will purchase inspiring books for each year group. We have donated £278 for this. 

Healthy Tuck Shop prices - please click here to find out what is on sale at our tuck shop and prices.


Tidy Cloakroom Award 

We also check the school cloakrooms each day and at the end of the week present the Tidy Cloakroom Award to the class that has kept the tidiest cloakroom.