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Home Learning

If your child is currently self-isolating, we ask that you access Oak National Academy. This is a Government funded website which provides work and online lessons for each year group. You can access this at On accessing the website, you will see it is split into the following year groups: Early Years Foundation Stage, Key Stage 1 (Year 1 and 2) and Key Stage 2 (Years 3-6.) You can then choose your child’s age range and a subject. All subjects are covered. You can also access BBC Bitesize and your child’s class page on our website, which has online home learning resources. If your child is self-isolating and you do not have any access to the internet at all, then please contact the school office.


If your child is at home and they are ill, there is absolutely no expectation that they will access online learning.


Maths – count to 100 song – count back from 100 song



You can access online book banded books on the Oxford Owl website so your child can continue to read books at the correct level at home.  This is free to sign up to.  Please also encourage your child to read books that they have at home too.  There is also the Battle of the Books reading list on the school website. has videos of people reading a variety of books that the children can watch.  There is also a free app to download.

The Literacy Trust virtual library publishes new stories each week. The children can listen to the stories and find out about the authors.






We will be teaching the children to make different shapes using playdough.  They will learn skills such as coiling, rolling and cutting the dough and using tools to make marks.  We will also be making an animal out of the dough using the skills taught.


Please practise throwing and catching a variety of different sized balls, bouncing a ball and moving a ball with your hands (rolling) and your feet (kicking and dribbling).

Here are a list of useful websites for your child to access at home to continue their learning:

  • Hit the button – lots of activities to develop knowledge of doubles, halves, and number bonds, and mental addition and subtraction.
  • Look, cover, write, check – Year 1 spellings (all tricky words and spelling patterns)
  • Mental maths train – addition and subtraction
  • Paint the squares – counting in 2s, 5s and 10s
  • Daily 10 – addition and subtraction
  • Coins Game – sorting, ordering and counting coins
  • Teaching clock

  • Shark numbers – place value
  • Place value pieces – place value
  • Funky Mummy – doubles and halves to 10 and number bonds
  • Writing repeater – handwriting



We are currently working on learning to read and write words containing phase 3 sounds.  Please use the websites below to help your child secure their knowledge.

There are free games to play on this website.

Phonics play

Phonics play are now offering free, unlimited use of their interactive resources. The login details are displayed on their web page. This is an excellent website for practising phonics skills using interactive games - (This resources may not work on tablets)