Thank you to all parents for your support. We have pledged to stay open wherever possible. It is non uniform day tomorrow and we will text you first thing if we are going to close school.

Thank you for helping us to stay open. As a school, we have made a pledge to parents that we will remain open wherever possible.  I am sorry if your personal circumstances were such that this has not helped you today and you, as I, had a difficult journey. The decision lies with you and your assessment of the risk. We do also want to say that we appreciate those staff and parents who have battled in and congratulate you all on your tenacity!! The general feedback has been that most parents have been pleased that we stayed open, and that their child has had a morning in school.

We genuinely believe that we are providing a service to parents and their children and are therefore under obligation to open. We then review the situation periodically and make a decision based on what we know about the weather  forecast, road conditions and public transport.

Best wishes from all the staff,

 Martine Sinker Head teacher


Welcome to Littleborough Community Primary School. Here, everybody at Littleborough School is committed to the provision of a happy, caring, stimulating environment, in which children flourish and develop to their full potential. Each child’s skills, interests and talents are equally valued and staff are dedicated to meeting their individual needs through the pursuit of the highest standard of care, teaching and curriculum provision.

We foster the desire and motivation which underpins all learning through high quality, planned, differentiated teaching and a wide variety of challenging learning experiences both in and out of the classroom. We believe our partnership with parents is crucial to the development of confident, independent and caring learners with every prospect of success in later life.   

Littleborough CPS offers so many opportunities for your children through a programme of activities that no other school can rival. Our last OFSTED in 2011 said we were 'good with outstanding features'. Come and see us and have a look around - we are sure we will soon be good partners with you in the education of your child.

Our achievements and awards are testimony to our success in ‘Bringing out the best in every child.’