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Charity of the year with the Co-op achieved by our Young Leaders.Our senior band took first place at Rochdale Music Festival 2019.Our Musical Theatre group won at Rochdale Music Festival 2017, 2018 and have just won again. Our girls took 1st, 3rd and 4th place in cross country and our boys were awarded 2nd place.Ofsted 2019 Littleborough Primary School continues to be a good school "Pupils are a credit to the school"

Year 5 - Curriculum


This term the children will study a variety of non - fiction and fiction genres ranging from adventure stories to balanced arguments. During the first half term, Year 4 will look closely at the author Katherine Rundell and her book ‘The Explorer’. This book will help form our adventure writing and will also link to our geography topic ‘Brazil and the Rainforest. The children will be involved in experience days and drama activities which will develop their imagination and writing skills. They will enjoy reading a range of texts to enhance their writing.  The children will read poems and non-fictional texts, plus use web-sites relating to our Geography topic. .

Alongside this, we will be continuing to practise and embed our grammatical skills. This will of course enhance our writing. Each day there will be opportunities to complete mini tasks that are word and grammar related.


Shared reading

This term, shared reading will be based on the text ‘The Boy at the Back of the Class’ and ‘The Explorer’. During the week they will be given the opportunity to complete follow-up activities, comprehension activities and to read for pleasure.

Where possible, please listen to your child read at home, to encourage them to gain confidence when reading and develop their fluency and pace. 



The Maths lessons will continue to build on the children’s understanding of number, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and problem solving.  They will be focusing on more formal written methods of multiplication and division in particular, as well as honing their mental arithmetic strategies. A heavy emphasis will be placed upon securing the times tables knowledge up to 12 x 12 and look at different ways to enhance mental maths. It is a good idea to use a range of web based games daily to help build confidence and gain a greater understanding.

Times Table Rockstars is a program that we follow in school. The children will receive their username and password shortly so that they can practice regularly. We are encouraging the children to 'Beat the Teacher' where they have the opportunity to beat a teacher and be celebrated for it.



In Science we are looking at Earth and Space. The children will conduct experiments to investigate the movement and phases of the moon and look at how shadows are formed. The children will have the chance to create their own space mobile.



Our Geography question this term is, ‘Brazil and the Rainforest?’ As part of this Learning Challenge, the children will gain a greater geographical understanding of different environments and countries. They will also complete creative tasks and explorations, including making their own carnival mask  

If you have any books or resources you wish to share with us, please send them in. We promise to look after them.



We will be learning about how to use the internet and the different risks it can pose. Children will look at how the internet has changed to appeal to a younger audience and use their word processing and editing skills to share their knowledge. This all formulates part of our e-safety curriculum.



This half term we will be learning about what it means to be a Muslim in Britain today. We will look at the different journeys we all take, where we take guidance from and look at the different celebrations and commitments Muslims today make.


Games / PE

During the first half term, we will be looking at athletics and practising these skills. We will look at running, jumping and throwing. We will then look at circuit training and how this can enhance a healthy lifestyle.



To begin with, the classes will look at three themes that include; healthy lifestyle, growing and changing and keeping safe. We will focus on different books which touch on each of these themes whilst the children have the chance to share their own experiences and listen to others.


The children will continue to build upon their existing knowledge of basic French. The children will be taught the next steps through a range of fun and engaging activities such as games and songs. The children will focus on understanding the different words and phrases for foods, numbers, months, days of the week, colours and at the end of the unit they will engage in a conversation in French!   


If you require any further information regarding the curriculum for Year 5 please speak to your child's class teacher.