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Charity of the year with the Co-op achieved by our Young Leaders.Our senior band took first place at Rochdale Music Festival 2019.Our Musical Theatre group won at Rochdale Music Festival 2017, 2018 and have just won again. Our girls took 1st, 3rd and 4th place in cross country and our boys were awarded 2nd place.Ofsted 2019 Littleborough Primary School continues to be a good school "Pupils are a credit to the school"

Year 2 - Curriculum




Autumn Term 1 will cover a lot of Phase 5 revision to embed Year 1 phonic knowledge. As the children did not undertake the phonics screening in Year 1. This will now happen during Autumn Term 2 whilst in Year 2. Visit the website below to practise your phonic sounds:  phonics play


Each child will be provided with home reading books that can be changed by the children themselves on a regular basis once the book has been completed at home or in school. In class we have daily Guided Reading sessions where the children focus on predicting, building on prior knowledge, developing language skills, improving comprehension skills and scanning a text to locate information. To help embed the children’s reading skills and build confidence, we recommend that children read at home at least 10 minutes every day.  This could be their school book or a book they enjoy to read at home. It is also important to ask your child questions about the text to ensure that they have understood what they have read. 



Children should regularly be practising the spelling of common exception words that do not follow phonetic spellings. Included is the set of Year 1 and Year 2 CEW. Start with the Year 1 words and move onto the Year 2 words when you have mastered these.

Year 1 key words to spell.

Year 2 key words to spell.

Children will be sent home with a ‘Half termly’ spelling list. The sheet is split into weeks so you can just practise the ones relevant for each week.



This term children will be writing stories linked to traditional tales, stories from other cultures, postcards, non-chronological reports and poems. We are following a new approach to writing named ‘The Write Stuff’. This approach is much more heavily scaffolded and is focused heavily on collecting vocabulary to support ideas when sentence writing. Writing lessons will taught in ‘chunks’ where the class collect vocabulary. Teacher models and sentence then children have a go and this process repeats. During each unit children will have ‘experience days’ to ignite writing and there will also be an independent write at the end of each unit. There will also be an emphasis on presentation and handwriting, ensuring that all letters are formed correctly and they are correctly orientated. The children will also be given the opportunity to self assess their work and edit it to make improvements.



This term we will be looking at;

Place value

Emphasis will be placed on ensuring any GAPS in Year 1 knowledge are filled. In Year 2 children will be expected to count up to a 100 objects by grouping them in 10's, 5's or 2's. They should be able to order numbers and know the value of each digit e.g. 87 is 8 tens and 7 ones or 80 + 7.  They will need to be able to partition numbers into different combinations.

Addition and subtraction

Children should know their number bonds to 10 and recognise pairs of number to make 20. Try this game to see how many number bonds your child can remember in 1 minute.  Can they beat their last score?  This game is also a great tool to help to remember lots of other number facts.


There are also lots of other games on the Topmarks website to play.

They should be able to complete addition and subtraction calculations using the strategy of counting on and back.

e.g.) 47 + 4 =        65 - 7 =  

They will then use the partitioning method to add or subtract larger numbers  

37 + 12 =     would be split up to be 37 + 10 + 2 =  

47 - 22 =      would be split up to be 47 - 20 - 2=  

We will continue to be a focus on problem solving and reasoning across all areas of the maths curriculum. 


Learning Challenge

Our topic is ‘Where in the world would you like to live?’ the children will learn lots about their own locality and then begin to cover new geographical skills and knowledge. During this topic we take the children on a walk of the local area to find out more about where we live and the features of our local environment. As well as covering a lot of geography aspects we also find out about how our local area has changed over the years. Plus we do Art and DT work that links to local and worldwide artists! See our knowledge organiser for further information and the key vocabulary we will cover.


This term we will be focusing on Materials.  The children will be learning vocabulary linked to this area of science and will take part in a numbers of investigations and observations. They will learn about the names and properties or materials and how they are suited to particular jobs and purposes.  See our knowledge organiser link.

RE (Religious Education)

Over the year Year 2 discover and explore the religious beliefs, traditions and customs linked to; Christians, Muslims and Jewish people. This term focuses on – ‘Who is a Muslim and what do they believe?  


This term we focus on Algorithms and Programs. Children learn what an algorithm is and create their own sets of coded instructions. They will learn how to amend instructions in order to debug them.


Children will learn about rights and responsibilities this term. The children will access this part of the curriculum through circle time, class discussions, stories and role-play.  


Over the year the children will take part in gymnastics, team games, ball skills and dance.  They will be developing their fine and gross motor skills, balancing and moving at different levels and linking movement together.  The children will also practise working together in teams, listening to and supporting each other, and develop their ball skills. 

They will be practising using their listening skills during PE lessons in order to follow simple instructions and rules.  They will learn the rules for a variety of warm-up games which they can then adapt and use on the playground during play times. Over the year the children will also be allocated PE sessions with outside coaches.


Keep an eye on the gallery page for updates of work we do in class!

If you require any further information regarding the curriculum for Year 2 please speak to your child's class teacher.