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Super SATs results above the local and national average.Charity of the year with the Co-op achieved by our Young Leaders.At the recent Rochdale Music Festival our bands won in all three categories- our Full band of 35 children aged 7-11, our Training band and our Ensemble Band (for more experienced players). We won the Musical theatre section with a superb rendition of two songs from Oliver! Our wind band did really well too.We are the overall year 6 winners of Springhill Athletics 2017.Winner of the Football League and local tournament.Our band was filmed by BBC for Cbeebies programme for broadcast in December.

Pupil Premium  


The Pupil Premium is an additional sum of money which is allocated to schools to support the learning of children from low-income families. These are children are identified by the authority through the number of children recorded as eligible for free school meals (FSM). The money is allocated to the school to support the learning of these children but it is not linked to individual children allowing the school the flexibility to use its knowledge and expertise to ensure the most successful outcomes for all children.

At Littleborough Community Primary we allocate our funding through a needs analysis looking at the whole school picture to identify individuals, groups or classes that would benefit from additional targeted support or resources.

Pupil Premium Year 2017 - 2018  (Please click on this link to access Littleborough Community Primary school's strategy statement)